As can be seen from a secret EU document available to the German Press Agency, a special report for arms embargo experts at the United Nations has even been written on the freighter.

As can be seen from a secret EU document available to the German Press Agency, a special report for arms embargo experts at the United Nations has even been written on the freighter.

As can be seen from a secret EU document available to the German Press Agency, a special report for arms embargo experts at the United Nations has even been written on the freighter. According to information from EU circles, it was based on educational results. The inspection of the Turkish ship by the German Armed Forces was carried out on Sunday as part of the EU operation “” Irini “” and triggered severe criticism from the government in Ankara. Turkey judged the operation to be illegal and accused Germany and the EU of unauthorized use of force, while the mission command said there were sufficient reasons to believe that the controlled ship might violate the UN arms embargo on Libya.

The German soldiers proceeded very professionally and inspected the ship in accordance with internationally agreed procedures customary in NATO. It is still unclear whether the freighter “Roseline A” “actually had weapons or other prohibited goods on board. The Bundeswehr had to stop the search of the ship prematurely on Sunday because Turkey, as the flag state, officially protested against the operation. A search of ships against the resistance of the crew and the flag state is currently not possible in the EU operation “” Irini “”. One of the reasons for this is that the special forces required for such dangerous missions have not yet been available. According to the Turkish Foreign Ministry, the ship had loaded paint materials and relief supplies.

However, this is questioned. “The Turkish government has to answer the question why it is opposed to an inspection of the freighter if it is allegedly not being used for smuggling drones and other military equipment,” said Member of the Bundestag Andrej Hunko. The rumble from Ankara only allows the conclusion that something should be hidden there. At the same time, the European political spokesman for the left group affirmed his fundamental rejection of the EU military operation.

In the opinion of Hunko, this makes itself vulnerable because it unilaterally controls, above all, the smuggling of arms in favor of the government in Tripoli. The secret document available to the dpa is the first six-month balance sheet on the EU mission. It also points out that the participating EU countries did not support the operation to the extent planned from April to the end of September. The number of available ships has always been below the minimum requirements. In addition, the Italian flagship “” ITS Margottini “” on 26.

The operation “” Irini “” had been decided at the end of March after around 80 corona cases on board. The goals of the mission are to stabilize Libya, a civil war country in North Africa, and to support the UN-led political peace process. In addition to weapons smuggling, the mission is also intended to prevent oil and fuel smuggling. Germany is currently participating with the frigate “” Hamburg “”. Source:, ara / dpa “Ziegler was lifted into office by the Bundestag with a clear majority. (Photo: imago images / Political-Moments) After Oppermann’s unexpected death, he must The SPD was appointed to the position of Deputy President of the Bundestag and Ziegler from Brandenburg received a clear majority in parliament.

In the parliamentary group, her freestyle was a little less silent before: Dagmar Ziegler, a member of the SPD in Brandenburg, was elected Vice President of the Bundestag. The SPD parliamentary group nominated them after the surprising death of Thomas Oppermann, who collapsed in October at the age of 66 shortly before a television interview. Ziegler received 536 of 657 votes cast by the MPs. The 60-year-old was previously one of four parliamentary managers of the to write an essay on to kill a mockingbird

The parliamentary group executive had proposed her for the office, among other things, because of her origin from East Germany. She has been in the Bundestag since 2009. She was previously the state minister in Brandenburg. The vote was unexpectedly preceded by a small trial of strength in the SPD parliamentary group. Despite strong advertising for Ziegler by Mützenich, the former Minister of Health Ulla Schmidt threw her hat into the ring. There was a stalemate in the first internal vote.

Some observers then assessed this as a failure for the parliamentary group leader. Schmidt then withdrew in favor of their rival, while the AfD parliamentary group failed again to have a Bundestag vice-president elected from among its ranks. Your MP Harald Weyel did not get the necessary majority of votes in the first ballot. The AfD had previously failed with five nominations for the office of Vice President in three ballots each. According to the rules of procedure of the Bundestag, each parliamentary group can appoint a vice-president. Source:, jwu / dpa CSU parliamentary group, Ralph Brinkhaus, has criticized the fact that the Corona measures should only be tightened today. “” Perhaps one should have taken tougher measures earlier, “” said the CDU politician in the “” early start “” of ntv .

However, this is always “” very difficult to find a compromise between the states and the federal government. Current measures would not have “” been enough to push the numbers down and, sadly, to prevent people from dying. That is why tougher measures must be adopted today, “said Brinkhaus. Despite the advance of the federal states in recent days, Brinkhaus sees Angela Merkel still in a strong position. “” The Chancellor is not disempowered. On the contrary.

She has exerted a lot of pressure in the past few weeks to get the federal states to do anything. “” Brinkhaus clearly criticized the federal states, some of which apparently refuse to assume certain costs for the corona measures: “” The Countries are now also turning to take on financial responsibility. This has so far been done by the federal government, so it won’t go on, “said Brinkhaus. “If the lockdown has to be extended further and further because the states do not make consistent decisions and then say: The federal government will pay for it – that will not work.” “When discussing when the Christmas holidays should begin, Brinkhaus said:“ The earlier the better. “” He justified this by stating that “” a private quarantine “” would then be possible. Brinkhaus continues to consider the guideline value of 50 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in seven days, which the Prime Minister and Chancellor is aiming for, to be sensible: “” Even if we raised that to 75 or 100, we still wouldn’t get there. In many federal states we are over 200. “” The number of 50 is still the “” tipping limit “” at which the local health authorities “” can track “” every single infected person. The federal government recently implemented the value in the new Infection Protection Act. Some doctors and scientists had criticized this.

Brinkhaus argues against this: “” The highest price we are currently paying is that we currently have more than 400 deaths a day. Then to say: ‘It’s all unreasonable now and let people die, that’s not so bad’, that’s cynical. “” The reality in this pandemic is taking place in the clinics, said the CDU politician and added : “Unfortunately, the reality is also in the cemeteries.” “On the question of whether the specific protection of risk groups should play a greater role in the federal government’s corona strategy, he said:“ “I don’t want us to have a third lock away the population completely. I would like older people to be able to celebrate Christmas with their families. “” Source:, psa “CSU General Secretary Blume believes that a further extension of the partial lockdown is possible.

The renunciation of skiing this year is a “privation” that is worthwhile. The Secretary General of the CSU, Markus Blume, has praised the decision of the Berlin Senate to forego any relaxation over Christmas. “” I think it’s good that some countries, such as Bavaria, have started to sharpen, especially Berlin, which is one of the big hotspots in the republic, “” said Blume in RTL / ntv’s “Frühstart” “. With a view to the partial lockdown in Germany, the CSU politician said: “” We have to extend it, in any case until Christmas and, to be honest, a little longer. “” The high Corona numbers in the past 24 hours are “” still sometimes an alarm signal, “” said Blume and added: “” We must not get used to the fact that more than 400 deaths are practically the new corona normality every day. ” afford: “” That is not ethically justifiable with regard to the death toll, but it is also not economically affordable. “” On the debate about the ski season and the dispute between Austria and Bavaria, Blume said that it was “” understandable “” that Italy and France had announced that they wanted to start the ski season later. “” We want to do the same here in Bavaria. I think it is the right path for everyone, “said Blume. Although it is” “a severe burden for the areas that are particularly dependent on tourism,” “said Blume, but added:” “It is a privation that is growing It is worth it, so that we don’t start with the third wave in January. “” Source:, psa “Disappearance from supermarkets: In Germany, plastic shopping bags will no longer be offered from 2022. (Photo: picture alliance / dpa ) It stands symbolically for the throwaway society in Germany: the plastic bag.

Environment Minister Schulze describes the bags that supermarkets will no longer be allowed to offer from 2022 onwards as “the epitome of waste”. For environmentalists, however, the ban is also only symbolic: From 2022, German supermarkets will no longer be allowed to offer plastic shopping bags. The Bundestag has passed a corresponding ban. After a transition period, which was extended from six to twelve months at the urging of the trade, lightweight plastic carrier bags with a wall thickness between 15 and 50 micrometers are banned – these are the standard bags that you usually get at the checkout.

Particularly stable reusable bags and the thin plastic bags that can be found in the fruit and vegetable department are excluded from the ban. “” The plastic bag is the epitome of the waste of resources “, said Federal Environment Minister Svenja Schulze from the SPD, which initiated the sales ban. “” Good alternatives are shopping baskets, washable cloth bags for fruit and vegetables and reusable boxes for goods from the fresh food counter. “” For the environmental organization WWF, however, the ban is only symbolic. Plastic bags account for just one percent of German plastic consumption. Even leftists and Greens in the Bundestag are not ambitious enough. The environmental policy spokeswoman for the Green parliamentary group, Bettina Hoffmann, spoke of a drop in the ocean: “” The trend towards disposable packaging will unfortunately not be stopped with this mini law. “” AfD and FDP, however, see the measure as an unjustified interference the market with no demonstrable environmental benefits.

The AfD MP Andreas Bleck pointed out, among other things, that a voluntary regulation of plastic bag consumption in Germany has fallen by almost two thirds within a few years. The plastic bag ban is therefore “” the most senseless environmental policy ban of this legislative period “” According to the Federal Environment Ministry, around 1.6 billion plastic bags are still used every year in the German throw-away society and around 320,000 disposable cups are consumed every hour – of which up to 140,000 tons go mug. In addition, more packaging is used in Germany than ever: According to the latest information from the Federal Environment Agency (UBA), 18.9 million tons of packaging waste were generated in 2018 – that was an average of almost 230 kilograms per German citizen. Since 2010, the number has increased consistently by a total of around 18 percent.

Almost half of the waste is caused by private consumers. Source:, joh / dpa / AFP “There are other Western citizens in custody in Iran, including the Evin women’s prison in Tehran. An Islamic scholar from Melbourne has been in Tehran since September 2018 Prison. Iran accuses her of espionage. Despite international appeals, the government repeatedly refuses her release. But now she is releasing the Australian. The Australian government has confirmed the release of the Australian Islamic scholar Kylie Moore-Gilbert in Iran. “” In consultation with her family became Dr.

Moore-Gilbert’s release achieved through diplomatic engagement with the Iranian government, “” Foreign Minister Marise Payne wrote in a statement. “This result shows the value of professional and determined work that is best suited for each case to solve complex and sensitive consular cases.” “The Islamic scholar and lecturer at the University of Melbourne was in September 2018 after attending an academic conference arrested in Iran and sentenced to ten years in prison for spying on Israel and endangering national security. Moore-Gilbert, who is also a British national, denied the allegations. In total, she was detained for more than 800 days, but the Canberra government did not confirm a report on Iranian state television station Irib that she was released as part of a prisoner exchange.

In return for Moore-Gilbert’s release, three Iranians held abroad are said to have been released. In a statement, Moore-Gilbert thanked those who had campaigned for their freedom during the “” long and traumatic ordeal “”. “” I have nothing but respect, love and admiration for the great nation of Iran and its warm, generous and courageous people. I am leaving the country with bittersweet feelings, despite the injustices I have been exposed to, “” wrote the 33-year-old. All attempts by the Australian government to secure her release through diplomatic channels had previously failed. The judiciary in Iran is independent and does not engage in political mediation on national issues, according to Tehran. This year there have already been two prisoner exchanges in Iran.